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Military tours in Russia
If you enjoyed playing toy soldiers in your childhood, if you are a fearless Amazon in your heart - it's time for a real adventure
firetag combat operation
price: 12500 rub
special offer
The price includes:
– Rifle with Firetag system, sensors and emitters.
– Firetag equipment
– 50 bullets
– English-speaking instructor
- Transfer to the miliatry camp
1. Ride in the JagdPanther tank: 80,000 rub (up to 6 people)
2. Tank gun: 2,000 rub per shot
3. Shooting rifles, 100 rub per shot
4. 76 mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3), 10,000 rub for 5 shots.
5. Lunch: 5000 rub for the group
Here comes the most authentic combat simulation experience - Firetag!
- Real guns
- Semi-automatic and full auto fire modes
- Shell ejection
- Recoil
- Noise of gunfire
- Limited ammo
Neither lasertag, nor airsoft, nor paintball will ever give you the feeling of a real combat operation. Utilizing infrared impulses to register eliminations over combat rounds, Firetag is the closest you can get to military combat.
Firetag involves laser and blank firing rounds to simulate a live battlefield. Just like lasertag, it uses blank firing guns with IR emitters and IR sensors that detect if a player is hit.
Combine the firetag combat operation with the JagdPanther tank ride and get a total of 20% off!
additional service
Minimum number of participants: 6 people. Join a group if you are a solo traveler.
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