Stop wasting your time in a stuffy office. Go for a Russian Military Tour!
Military tours in Russia
If you enjoyed playing toy soldiers in your childhood, if you are a fearless Amazon in your heart - it's time for a real adventure
Military Disneyland Tour
Spend a day in the Military disneyland! Drive a T-80 tank simulator, disasemble and reassemble the legendary Kalashnikov, try crazy shooting with machine gun! Explore the world's biggest collection of armed vehicles!

The tour takes place in Patriot Park that represents the unique world's biggest collection of military vehicles. Famous Kubinka Tank Museum is included into the park. Patriot Park covers 5.4 ha and hosts tens of thousands of visitors during mass events, such as Army Forum or Army Games.

Exhibition area 1. The site boasts a rich collection of Soviet, Russian and foreign military vehicles including tanks, airplanes and spacecraft.
The exhibits are located in 12 hangars and dedicated to airborne troops, air forces, air defense troops, space forces, etc. There is an open-air exposition as well. A game center offers to drive a tank or steer a ship in the realistic simulators.

Exhibition area 2
(former Kubinka tank museum). The museum houses a collection of the armored vehicles from different countries and eras. Some of the exhibits are unique and exist in a single copy!

Guerrilla Village. The iteractive area is dedicated to guerrillas of Great Patriotic War. The village was recreated based on photographs and memories of the participants in the partisan movement.

Shooting range. One of the world's biggest shooting ranges.
- 20 shooting galleries of 300 meters
- 9 shooting galleries of 50 meters

Among other Patriot sites are center of Military tactical games, Equestrian sports area, Extreme sport area, Historical reenactment area, Patriot EXPO.
Price of the Patriot Park tour:
1 PAX – 25000 rub
2 PAX – 13500 rub per person
3 PAX – 10500 rub per person
4 PAX 9500 rub per person
5 PAX – 8500 rub per person
6 PAX – 8000 rub per person
* PAX - Number of persons in the group
special offer:
Combine the Military Disneyland tour flight with the Monino aviation museum tour or SU-27 fighter jet flight simulator and get a total of 20% off!

he price includes:
– Tank driving T-80 simulator
– 30 blank shots per person of Kalashnikov machin gun
– Lesson of assembly/reassembly of AKM
– Tour of the Exhibition area 1
– Hotel pick up/drop off service
– Transfer, round trip, waiting, parking fees
– English-speaking guide
– Admission tickets
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