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Monino Aviation Museum tour
1 PAX – 17000 rub
2 PAX – 10000 rub per person
3 PAX – 7500 rub per person
4 PAX – 7000 rub per person
5 PAX – 6500 rub per person
6 PAX – 5500 rub per person
* PAX - Number of persons in the group
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    The price includes:
    – Hotel pick up/drop off service
    – Transfer to the Monino Aviation Museum tour (round trip)
    – Admission tickets
    – English-speaking guide
    The world of science and aviation comes alive in Central Air Force Museum at Monino. Explore the wonders of Russian and Soviet aviation through the fascinating walk among unique exhibits of the the world's largest aviation museum!

    The exposition of the Monino Aviation Museum includes 190 exhibits of experimental and serial aviation equipment from the the beginning of aviation to the present day.

    In addition, there is a rich collection of aircraft engines, equipment and weapons, documents and photos. The exhibits occupy the open air site, hangars and exhibition halls.

    In the halls 1-3 there are exhibits from the early aviation and aeronautics until the beginning of the Second World War.
    In the hall 6, samples of fighter and attack aircraft of the Second World War are collected.
    The hall 8 houses samples of unique experimental and historical aircraft, helicopters and other types of aviation equipment.

    Monino Aviation Museum was opened in 1960 at the original airfield location. Today, the former airfield structures serve as the museum facilities.

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